Heating & Cooling, Rock Hill, SC


Langford’s Mechanical Services, Inc. have over 50 years combined experience in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration services. We began serving customers in the SC area in June 1996.

We service and repair heating and air conditioning units for Commercial and Residential buildings in Rock Hill SC. Some heating and air conditioning companies in Rock Hill SC just want to replace your system, not maintain it. Langford’s Mechanical Services, Inc., thinks differently. We’re here to provide service to people in Rock Hill SC who believe in taking care of what they have.

We fix what’s broken in your heating or cooling system, then maintain it so it can provide many years of comfort for your home or office. We’ll do all we can to fix the problem, but if you need a new heating or cooling system, we can provide the best installation in business. We are Rock Hill SC’s heating and cooling specialist!

We Proudly Offer:

  • Heating System Repair and Installation for Commercial and Residential
  • Air Conditioning System Repair and Installation Commercial and Residential
  • Service Agreements
  • Professional Service from an Experienced Technician
  • Honest Evaluation from a Technician and NOT a Sales Person